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Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping

Industrial and commercial design is a valued part of many traditional and emerging industries, including architecture, product and packaging, media, and entertainment. IVC’s certificates are created in areas of emphasis for industrial, commercial and transportation design, and intended to prepare students with the skills necessary to design products and build models using both traditional and emerging technologies. Students will gain a unique insight into both the physical and digital disciplines of model making and design, cultivating technical and arts skills based on critical thinking. Visit the Design Model Making and Rapid Prototyping website for more information.

Drafting Techonology at IDEA at ATEP

Drafting Technology

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a rapidly growing segment of the technical job market. Students can obtain CAD certificates in mechanical, civil, electrical and architectural modeling techniques that conform to US and international industry standards. Students receive instruction on modern manufacturing methods, materials of construction, and inspection procedures. Using traditional as well as three-dimensional computer-based graphic modeling applications, laboratory assignments are designed to develop the skills that are required to produce, revise, test, animate, and interpret typical parts or assemblies. Visit the Drafting Technology website for more information.


Electrical Technology

IVC offers certificates in two of today’s most rapidly changing technological fields – electrical and solar technology, which is designed to prepare students with the skills necessary for working in this field. The electrician trainee certificate program equips students for entry into the electrical industry in areas such as residential wiring, commercial wiring, facility maintenance, and troubleshooting electrical circuits and equipment. Visit the Electrical Technology website for more information.

Electronic Technology at IDEA at ATEP

Electronic Technology

IVC's Electronic Technology program works to prepares students for employment or advancement in electronics and related industries. The Certificate of Achievement in electronic technology achievement program provides a solid foundation for immediate employment or further study in the field. After obtaining a Certificate of Achievement in electronic technology, a student may seek employment as an electronic technician, designing, testing and servicing telecommunication, medical, video, automotive, aerospace, or entertainment equipment. Visit the Electronic Technology website for more information.

Engineering at IDEA at ATEP


IVC's pre-engineering program allows students to gain valuable technical skills to facilitate employment in the engineering, computer-aided design, architectural, and manufacturing fields. This program is designed to enhance students’ interest in mathematics and sciences by pursuing a career in engineering. Students receive hands-on experience with high-tech equipment, all under the guidance of qualified instructors with practical private sector backgrounds. Visit the Pre-Engineering website for more information.