Maps, Directions & Parking

The IVC at ATEP building is located on the corner of
Lansdowne Rd. and College Dr. (formerly Hope Dr.)


Parking at ATEP is by permit only in designated spaces at all times. Saddleback and IVC parking permits are valid at ATEP.

Permits can be purchased on MySite. Daily permits are also available for $5 from a dispenser in the main parking lot. Parking citations at ATEP are handled by IVC Campus Police. For more information, visit the IVC Campus Police parking website.

Driving Directions From:

Irvine Valley College
Saddleback College
5 Freeway
  • Los Angeles County, North Orange County, South Orange County and San Diego County
55 Freeway
  • North Orange County and Costa Mesa/Newport Beach
405 Freeway
  • Los Angeles County, North Orange County and South Orange County